Friday, December 11, 2009

Skope Magazine: Music Up Close with Janie

Recently Janie of Skope Magazine took notice of Merksmilez and felt compelled to do a brief write up of the young artist. The best thing about this write up is the fact that Merksmilez was the only hip hop artist in the line of of individuals she spoke on.  Here is what she had to say....

"Well, hey, Merksmilez, it looks like you’re getting a refresh from our bartender. All of you should really keep an eye this young hip-hop artist from Yonkers. His debut album, Just That ILL, was released this summer and shows off this young talent’s chops. Not only is he a recording artist, but he’s also an entrepreneur, operating Ill View Incorporated, a management company designed to promote elitist artists who offer a positive, healthy image that is inspiring to today’s youth. This young man is going make his mark in the music industry and impact today’s young people. Happy Holidays, Merksmilez, I’ll catch you later."
Thanks for the love Janie!!!

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