Tuesday, December 15, 2009

East Coast Block Starz Album update

Well previously I told you I was on the album dropping Dec. 29 2009. Well it would appear I am no longer listed on the album tracklisting.  So you will not hear Merksmilez on that album. However, I expect it to be a good body of work so definitely still go Cop that and throw some feed back bout that album. 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Str8fromdagutta Interviews Merksmilez

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself making great impressionable music, building my brand, having my company illview Inc. completely established. Illview is a management company for traditional and non-traditional talent. So i would be introducing new innovative artist/products to the industry. Five years from now let’s sit down again. I can show you better than I can tell you, you know.

2. What’s playing in your mp3 and car at the moment?

I’m playing a lot of productions that I am considering to use on my new album, mainly. But you can hear Andre3000, Jada, Fabolous, Eminem, R&B, dancehall, bachata, etc. I’m listening to anything that might inspire me.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

East Coast Block Starz : Album Review

Less than a year after dropping its critically-acclaimed West Coast Block Starz compilation, leading online indie music promoter and management company Block Starz Music (BSM) is set to release the much-anticipated East Coast Block Starz project.

Featuring some of the most promising new talent on the eastern seaboard over top notch production from The AlchemistClinton Sparks, and Zukhan Bey and appearances by FabolousKardinal Offishall, and Red CafeEast Coast Block Starz builds on the success of BSM's regional compilation series and cements the company's reputation as the home of Who Got Next?

Below is a list of the artists confirmed for East Coast Block Starz:

Mansion T.U.T.T. -- www.myspace.com/mansiontutt
Caktuz..?13 -- www.myspace.com/caktuztree13
Tone Trump -- www.myspace.com/tonetrump
Wiz Khalifa -- www.myspace.com/wizkhalifa
Shonie -- www.myspace.com/shonie
Fabolous -- www.myspace.com/fabolous
Bekay -- www.myspace.com/bekay
DJ Revolution -- www.myspace.com/djrevolution
Donny Goines -- www.myspace.com/donnygoines
Merksmilez -- www.myspace.com/merksmilez
Dramills -- www.myspace.com/dramills
Raheem DeVaughn -- www.myspace.com/raheemdevaughn
Sha Stimuli -- www.myspace.com/shastimuli
Supanova Slom -- www.myspace.com/supanovaslomonline
Aseer the Duke of Tiers -- www.myspace.com/aseerali
Wordspit -- www.myspace.com/wordspit
Money First -- www.myspace.com/bestrapgroup
Supastar LT -- www.myspace.com/supastarlt
Kardinal Offishall -- www.myspace.com/kardinaloffishall
Red Cafe -- www.myspace.com/redcafe

Skope Magazine: Music Up Close with Janie

Recently Janie of Skope Magazine took notice of Merksmilez and felt compelled to do a brief write up of the young artist. The best thing about this write up is the fact that Merksmilez was the only hip hop artist in the line of of individuals she spoke on.  Here is what she had to say....

"Well, hey, Merksmilez, it looks like you’re getting a refresh from our bartender. All of you should really keep an eye this young hip-hop artist from Yonkers. His debut album, Just That ILL, was released this summer and shows off this young talent’s chops. Not only is he a recording artist, but he’s also an entrepreneur, operating Ill View Incorporated, a management company designed to promote elitist artists who offer a positive, healthy image that is inspiring to today’s youth. This young man is going make his mark in the music industry and impact today’s young people. Happy Holidays, Merksmilez, I’ll catch you later."
Thanks for the love Janie!!!

Allhiphop.com says "I Believe" Merksmilez

Allhiphop.com recently added Merksmilez 's song "I Believe" in their music section.  Enjoy the music,

Allhiphop.com says "I Believe" Merksmilez

Merksmilez Interviewed by WWS MAgazine

How did you get started with music?
My Mom had music playing all the time all around. But as far as getting into it for myself, I would have to say learning to read and spell and such. Let me explain, I was in like 1st grade and some people would make fun of me because I was Bad at reading and spelling. So, I started spelling words all that rhyme together.....

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I Tweet songs now...

I am Tweeting my songs now lol

YO Raps Interviews Merksmilez

It's not everyday that a rapper is fortunate to absorb his environment then voraciously spew content worthy of praise.Merksmilez is Bronx bred and fed with a mission to supply the opposite of ordinary. Hip hop captured this MC very early on as he used it as an educational device to teach himself to read. With those lessons Merks would go on to earn a degree majoring in business law from TempleUniversity. Feeling more empowered he drew nearer to his musical roots and started a management company called Illview which began to piece together his hip hop legacy.

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Merksmilez - Just That ILL (Album)

Merksmilez Presents - JUST THAT ILL